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Mixed news, really

Went to see Tina yesterday evening. She's had a slew of tests. The good news is that they think it ISN'T MS. The bad news is that it's most likely to have been the latest in a series of atypical strokes. At 35, that's so not good.

She's hating it in hospital - now they've put her on the stroke ward, she's in a room with three elderly women, all of whom are substantially uncommunicative because of their strokes. She's not supposed to do anything for herself, even changing the TV channel, but she drew the line at being accompanied to the loo :D but we had lots of laughs and cuddles, and she loves the books.

They're making 'heparin forever' noises at her - meh. That's just so twentieth century - where have they been all this time? have they never heard of TPA? I wrote down for her (in case she has a poor speech day) about getting an OT home assessment and making sure she has aids and adaptations on the way before they even think of letting her out.

I really hope she's going to be OK.

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