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Five more questions,

this time from the lovely sophie10, to whom much thanks:

1. How did you become involved in the Harry Potter fandom?

That's relatively easy. I read the first book a while after it came out, mostly to see what all the media hoopla was about. I kept reading them as they came out, but more and more the I could do better than that voice kept whispering to me. Then griffen coaxed me into playing redheadgeorge to his redheadfred, which meant that I developed a bunch of LJ friendships with people who were interested in HP, including queerasjohn. That led to MacT00bage... and the rest is history, as they say.

2. If you could change anything in your own history what would it be?

That... that's a very hard one. I think that I'd like to fix it so that my social worker didn't out me to my parents when I was fifteen.

3. What would you most like to know about your future? And if given the oppurtunity would you look?

*chuckle* There are plenty of things I'd be mildly curious about, but there's really only one certain thing in life, and that's death. I think there are advantages to knowing the date, if not necessarily the manner, of one's demise so that one can leave things reasonably well organised, but I'm not even particularly curious about that. What will happen will happen - which I mean in the weakly fatalistic sense, not that the future is preordained and unalterable, but that no doubt the future will be full of enjoyable things, and I'm content to see what turns up as it turns up. So far I'd have scored really badly if I'd been asked at any age to predict my future, and I doubt my success rate for future predictions will be any better.

4. If you could take on the life of any book character who would it be and why?

At the moment I think I should like to be Marcus Didius Falco from Lindsey Davis' Falco books. He and I share a lot of personality traits, and I've always liked Roman history. I think I could be him and enjoy life thoroughly even despite Anacrites :D

5. What would you change about the world to make it suit you better?

I'd make the world flat. In this way I could avoid stairs, and I'd make everywhere have the same timezone in the Discworld fashion so there'd be no more problems in getting people online for chats.

I'd also stamp out intolerance :D

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