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Very dodgy medical ethics, methinks.

Caveat: I'd strongly advise anyone who's ever had even one minor psychotic episode, whether from wonky brain, drugs or whatever, to be exceedingly cautious about following links to the report and in particular to the simulation of the simulation. You may find it triggery.

I refer you off to siegeengine's post-with-links about this, which is here, but in short someone's developed a ten minute schizophrenia immersive VR experience, and, so far as I can tell, is letting people try it without any obvious pre- or post-experience counselling.

I don't think I'm wrong in believing this, if it is so, to be exceedingly dodgy. Am I? The aim of improving education and awareness is entirely laudable, of course, and I have not the least problem with that - it's this apparently cavalier dishing-out of what could be, I think, damaging to people that makes me very edgy.

What do you lot think?

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