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Note to self.

When too tired and pilled out to make a bedtime drink, consider not doing so.

French Bourbon vanilla added to your hot milk is very good. Absentmindedly adding Angostura bitters instead results in something which is, at most, interesting in a kind of "you won't do that again in a hurry, will you?" way.

And therefore, a recipe:

Pink gin milk

1) Adequately fill pretty yellow one-pint mug with milk.
2) Heat in microwave until not quite boiling.
3) Add a generous teaspoon of Angostura bitters[1] while thinking about mortari[2].
4) Take an absent-minded sip and spray kitchen with vile concoction.
5) Woefully realise that there is now insufficient milk to make it properly.
6) Drink vile concoction, shuddering. Alternatively, if you have plenty of milk, make it properly this time.
7) Write up for the amusement of your favourite people.
8) Go to bed, which you should have done long ago.

[1] Angostura bitters is very good, truly; pink gin is impossible without it, and it's the Sekrit Ingredient in many of my recipes. It's just very very wrong in hot milk.

[2] It is not, I think, strictly necessary for successful completion of the recipe for one to contemplate Queenie[3], but I happened to be doing so, and I believe in recording interesting kitchen incidents faithfully.

[3] To whom I owe belated[4] birthday greetings and best wishes for the coming year.

[4] By four[5] days.

[5] Which is oddly the number of the relevant footnote.

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