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Kind of a blurgh-day.

Somewhat gloomy about mrph's news. On a purely selfish note, even though work from the Hellhole hasn't been coming my way terribly frequently recently, it's been nice to know that someone likes my work enough to pay for it. Life's feeling a little more precarious now. Plus I'm scared he'll move away. *thwap* *thwap* I know, I know... but. I never claimed not to have insecurities. He's been a really important part of my life for so long now...

Another nasty back weekend. I did something to it on Friday night, then was stupid enough to stand too long on Saturday morning (note to self: if you must argue with slow people, make sure you're sitting down before you start) which necessitated a sudden fold-to-the-floor, since when my back has dithered between bloody uncomfortable and damn painful. This too shall pass, but it can't do it fast enough for me.

Well, at least Katherine and Carl seem pleased enough by my "lemme in!" letter, even though I'd already sent it off by the time Carl's "would you mind altering this just a little" request came in. He's not eaxctly a micromanager, more an incessant tinkerer, and I have just enough amour-propre about my work to get itchy when someone who isn't yet a client starts asking for alterations to something. Costing has revealed that we actually need a smidge over 60k to do the project, so we'll be hoping that the PDS are actually prepared to countenance that. We don't expect problems there, but there's always the possibility.

Paper revision's just about done, so I indulged myself and watched The Little Vampire as a reward for my hard work over the last week. Now, I hope I may have enough time to do some of the important stuff that's been hanging fire far longer than I'd have wished, including my campaign log for mrph's Amber campaign, which we'll be having another nail-chewing episode of tonight, all being well.

Creeping doom. Bah. *shrug* Well, let it creep. I'm too old and too damn cynical to be scared by shadows.

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