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Which is the pre-sleep version of *headdesk*, I should think.

Long day it's been. Went to the library, mostly to grovel and pay fines on Holdstock's Lavondyss, which I had tried to phone-renew last week before Cirencestering, only to find out that the telephone renewal service times are not congruent with library opening times *sigh*. Got the books to the checkin desk, to discover to my chagrin that I'd actually left Lavondyss at home.

I explained the situation to one of my favourite librarians, who was very understanding, waived the fine, and gave me the paper leaflet showing the phone times after I'd pointed out that they weren't available on the library's website. So I checked out the new books and renewed the one I'm halfway through, which is as appalling as you might imagine a book titled TechGnosis would be - by page 16 I'd spotted two misspellings of Epimetheus and a completely incorrect etymology of the word trivial - but with which I intend to persist if the effort kills me, because I'm Like That.

That accomplished, I looked around for Jus. No visible Jus. So I checked his usual library haunts - Graphic Novels and Bad Fantasy - and still no visible Jus. I pootled down to the grass outside and started reading John Brockman's The Next Fifty Years: Science in the First Half of the Twenty-First Century; a goodly fifteen minutes passed, and eventually I was roused from my book by the local Evangelicals doing their sing-and-clap-and-piss-off-the-shoppers act and walked back to the car to check whether I'd missed hearing Jus say that he'd meet me at the car. No Jus. Back to the library, and made a close inspection of the premises, finding him easily in a spot where he claimed he'd been all the time and which I'd swear in any court of law you choose I'd looked at already.

A bit of shopping, then round to B&K's for a lazy afternoon and evening, just socialising happily. Came home, did the first iteration of katherinedeane's Leeds thingy, caught up on LJ, and now I'm going to bed.

Because - yaay, Mark lent me his CoS DVD! Books, cheese, and nakedcute boys - what could be better? I may be a little occupied tomorrow... :D

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