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One thing that pisses me off

is the piss-poor attempt LJ makes at spellchecking.

Bad enough, surely, that despite LJ's attempt at handling different languages, at least at the font level, it only offers American English spelling.

Worse is that I'm prepared to bet 10p to a year of blowjobs that nobody adds words to the spelling dictionary. Why? because the spellchecker doesn't even know LJ as a word. If they simply logged misspelled words for a week and then sorted them by frequency, I'm utterly sure there'd be huge numbers of perfectly good words in the top hundred.

And there's another moan. Splitting words around internal punctuation. Have they never heard of apostrophes? doesn't shouldn't be split as doesn and t so that doesn gets rejected...

*sigh* I wish I knew how they do their spellchecking. It definitely needs fixing, and I'm almost irritated enough to volunteer.

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