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Ego flos campi

Well, perhaps not me personally; I do rather more toiling and spinning, but...

As esbat and I were driving down to BiCon last week and listening to some Palestrina, the conversation turned to other composers, and the name of Clement Not-the-Pope[1] came up. I was delighted to discover that Fiona loves one of my favourite pieces by him, Ego flos campi, which I remember singing in York Minster for one of our occasional concerts there.

On getting home yesterday, I found I'd got some mail from queerasjohn asking whether I had MP3s of a couple of pieces he wanted. As it happens, I don't have them, but I thought I'd nip over to the Choral Public Domain Library to see if there were scores there so I might sequence them up for him. Well, the scores weren't there, tant pis, but I thought that while I was logged in there I might as well snarf Ego flos campi, having recollected the conversation with Fiona.

So *smile* I now have it rendered to MP3, and very nice it is too. If anyone wants, let me know (with an e-mail addy that will take five meg or so of attachment) and I'll send you it.

In good news, I'm feeling wonderfully happy and loved.

Bad news? Nothing much, but it seems I may have eaten someone who disagreed with me, because my gut is decidedly dicky, and it's not opiate heaves for once. Ah well, I'll be fine again soon enough.

[1] Whose proper name, so far as we know, was Jaques (or sometimes Jacobus, being a Fleming) Clement, but it seems that he was usually known as Clemens non Papa lest he be accidentally confused with Pope Clement VII. Apparently.

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