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Failure of temporary respite

Dammit, I am sick!

Was doing so well, too - then got the shakes, the dark clouds of existential doom, and I think my temperature spiked too, as evidenced by profuse sweating and that I fell over with shaky legs when trying to get to the phone to talk with curlygrrrl - sorry about that, Ruth, but I thought passing out while asking how you were might not have been the best thing...

Have eaten. Have not thrown up. Have taken antibiotics. Have discussed the shiny and the meta with mommybird and no doubt made an utter prat of self through braindeadedness. Feel like a half-drownded kitten, all feak and weeble and claggy-furred. Meh, I have to hurry up and be well, it's nearly mattp's flatwarming!

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