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Amber diary for Joseph

Thinking about it, it's not hard for one of Amber to shift reality just a little. Actually in my state it is hard, as I found out when I moved through Shadow to unlock the door, which led conveniently to a store-room.

That, of course, brought the guards, but I sneered at their threats, pointing out that since I was apparently both His Holiness and the Antichrist, they were damned one way or another. They threatened to shoot me, but they were unsettled by finding a store-room where they'd not thought there was one (there hadn't been, of course, until I unfolded it), so I told them to go away - though not so politely - before I fried their brains. They went. I think I should have done the same, had I been them.

That got me time to "discover" a convenient door outside, which led into a courtyard with flowers and a statue of me. I like gardens, and I thought the statue added that little bit of verisimilitude. All was going well until another faceless guard threatened me, and I him. Things might have got bloody had he not revealed himself to be Xavier. I don't think I've ever been so glad to encounter one of my uncles before.

Apparently he'd come looking for me. Being Pope has its advantages, namely high public visibility, so he'd known where to find me. We dealt with a few more guards - ah, it's good to be able to be so casual about these things again - but then the statue started animating. I certainly hadn't ordered that... Xavier shot it up, and I tried to do a little work on disabling it, assuming it to be Shadow-stuff. No such luck. Far too real for this place, and smelling strongly of Chaos... but we got past it, only to hear an amplified voice yelling something about people who wanted to discuss Corwin. Now there's a name to conjure with. Shouting the name of dead Princes of Amber is certainly an effective attention-getting device if there's any of the Family about.

Sitting in the smoking, bullet-riddled remains of a vehicle was someone we didn't recognise, surrounded by many guards. Fortunately by now we were both dressed in pilfered armour, so we passed as guards quite well, and, assuming a little authority, I bluffed our way into taking the stranger captive and leading him away. A little more effort on my part found us a convenient outbuilding, which for some reason I'd filled with old machinery and shelves of cans of paint and other maintenance materials. It was time for introductions...

Our new friend - because I was prepared to admit that anyone who didn't want to burn me as Satan's right hand man was probably a friend - called himself Tremayne. He'd travelled through Shadow with some kind of dual-function transporter, apparently, which must have been something like Steve's ship, having been commissioned by a woman calling herself Victoria who asked for his aid in retrieving us to sort out a problem with Corwin's Shadows. Which made me think, though I was getting very foggy again, that perhaps the troubles I was having in dealing with the Pattern was that this Shadow was fueled by Corwin's alternative Pattern, not ours. Tremayne had a Trump - not a very useful one - and knew nothing, or so he said - of Shadow, or Amber. We shall see...

Pleasantries having been exchanged, and our conditions restored by Tremayne's rather impressive belt, we set off to recover anyone else from around here, since Tremayne had been told there were a half-dozen of us that were needed. More than likely they'd be in the holding cells under the Ministry of Faith, having been dealt with as heretics if they'd shown any of their Amberite power. So, one more twist and there was a door to the basement of the Ministry, where much badness seemed to be happening, as evinced by shots and screaming.

Much of that seemed to be due to the activities of Steve, who had located Khan before we could... more introductions and a sharing of information revealed that Darius was Minister for Law and Order (hah!) and Gideon Minister for Science (hmmm... I'd have thought he'd have liked that, and since all the rest of us had ended up in unpleasant situations, I admit I may have had bad thoughts of dear Gideon). No information on Lucien, Gale and his cat, or anyone else. Still, it was rather good to have so many faces, apparently friendly - you never know with us - and it seemed that before long we'd be going home to the Land of Perpetual Breakfast.

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