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Nasal grot

is still with me. Am doing vitamin C, though the rational scientist in me knows that it has absolutely no effect on viruses, Saint Linus Pauling notwithstanding.

Yesterday was Danny and Joe's Welcome Home party. There was a certain amount of "Kay and Jus save the day", as Tina had tried to do everything in too short a time, so I spent much of the afternoon filling rolls and making sandwiches while trying to keep Ashton and Bethany amused and quiet enough not to wake Christopher.

The big surprise that Tina had organised for Danny was that Nancy, his case worker when he was up in Scotland, has a daughter in Leicester, and she'd driven down to stay with her daughter so that she could be at the party. Danny was thrilled!

It all went pretty well, considering the potential for chaos. Both the bigger boys were fairly tipsy by the time things were winding down, to be joined in inebriation by Ashton, who'd been sneaking drinks from people's Bacardi Breezers. Given that he gets hyper on orange squash alone... heh.

We didn't get back until far too late, but it was a great evening.

I've decided to make a present for folk, considering that he's in China and all, and almost certainly missing the thing that I'm thinking of. No, not cheese! It'll take some time, but it's another background task of a different enough nature from the project I'm involved with ladykalendria that when I get bored with one I can switch to the other.

Jeesh, I'm busy!

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