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Nasal grot redux (reflux?)

I thought I'd got over it, I really did.

Obviously this is boomerang grot, and I'm experiencing the second phase, whereas Jus seems to have started on the first. It's definitely the last time I let Bethany breathe on me :)

I am now working hard on Becoming Well, because I told Greg that wild horses wouldn't prevent me from attending his and Heike's flatwarming this w/e, and I'm definitely not letting some grotty little rhinovirus do so.

This means sensible sleep, sensible food, sensible hydration, and almost certainly sensible shoes (but not while I'm in bed, obviously). Unfortunately it's also meant cancelling two things I really would have liked to do tomorrow: a Pain Clinic appointment with Richard in the morning, almost certainly to discuss what happened with the facet joint injections and to do the Surgery/Not Surgery routine, and my Alexander Technique lesson with Estella in the afternoon. Disappointing, but very sensible - it's hardly kind to be breathing out viruses in a hospital full of poorly people, and travelling to Birmingham and back when I could be resting snug and warm at home would be silly, not to mention the risk of having a snuffly Estella grumping at me the week after...

I am Very Kind. Of course, I know that you know that, but I have been Practically Kind this morning. I passed up my chance at a dental checkup next Tuesday so that Jus could have his more speedily, and I shall have to wait a whole fortnight longer to impress (or depress, depending on how one sees things) my dentist. Wasn't that nice of me?

Ah well, my dears. More fluid, more rest, and a Kate Sedley novel to while away the drear hours. Toodle-pip.

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