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This week's Amber log

Flashback: Uther is on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, with Corwin, who's wearing a suit. Discussion follows, and it transpires that Uther offends Corwin on several levels. Corwin reminisces about Avalon mark I, affects world-weariness and seems to wish to let byegones be byegones. Unfortunately his social skills seem to need some improving - his attitude to Uther alternates between dismissive and insulting, but Uther seems prepared to take it on the chin. All Uther seems to want is an apology for his men, and for them to be returned home. Corwin prevaricates: he says that Uther's men are unharmed, just elsewhere while they discuss matters. Good lord, Corwin actually seems prepared to admit that he just might have been over-harsh in the way he treated Uther's men.

Corwin claims that he really just wants to be left alone, away from his family, from politics, and from Amber. Osric's incursion has to be dealt with, amicably or not - he wants Osric and everyone he brought with him gone. He doesn't seem to blame the people Osric brought through for being here - well, apart from the demons. Uther disclaims any real knowledge of Osric's motivations and plans. Corwin explains how it was that he got separated from Greyswandir; Osric did the Shadow-shredding trick. Uther thanks Corwin for being so open, and again asks Corwin to return his men, but Corwin says that he can't do that right now, but he promises to do so when he can. Honest. In 24 hours, maximum.

Corwin goes to deal with Uther's men. He returns ten minutes later and opens a gate for Uther. Uther asks how he can keep in touch with Corwin. Corwin says that Trumps could be used, or Uther could use Excalibur as a guide... He returns Uther to the others.

[At this point the end of the world takes place - at least, of the Shadow in which most people are - as previously discussed.]

Mordana and Uther discuss what happens when Shadows are suddenly erased. Mordana asks about Osric and Corwin - and, unsurprisingly, Uther prevaricates a bit. Mordana says that Corwin has a bit of a reputation as a devious bastard, and Uther doesn't seem too happy at that revelation.

Uther prepares some magic to trace Corwin and Osric, and finds a trail that leads off to Osric. Mordana finds the place where Joseph's wounds are being bound up by Uther's knights. She retrieves them. Joseph isn't in a particularly good mood, and tends to be a little snippy when questioned. Mordana points out that obviously his jaw isn't broken. She retrieves more people while Uther attempts magic to heal Joseph's wounds....

Tremayne is with Caine. Victoria contacts him, and then Caine vanishes with a yelp. Caine is sarcastic at Joseph, which doesn't improve Joseph's mood at all. Victoria then tells Tremayne that she's reluctant to retrieve him in the way that she just did Caine, and Uther sets off to retrieve Tremayne. Tremayne and Joseph spend a few minutes sniping at each other, then Tremayne lends Joseph his belt to heal him more quickly. Victoria then locates Darius, Khan and Xavier. Darius is pretty deeply unconscious. Xavier sneaks a look at Darius' cloak. It's impressive, a lot more sophisticated than it appears. Xavier's sword, that will cut steel, barely makes an impression on it. Uther goes to retrieve the three of them....

Back in Paris, Lucien and Steve are chatting with Corwin when suddenly Corwin clutches his head and yelps. He makes it clear that it's imperative he get his sword back - Malachi will have to die if necessary. Steve suggests, half-seriously, that he could use a tacnuke and Corwin takes him seriously. Corwin inquires about Tremayne. Steve says that he was asked to look out for Corwin's interests by an 'anonymous benefactor'. Corwin opens a portal, and Steve shifts to fire-form before going through.

Lucien, Xavier, Steve, Joseph and Tremayne trek off though Shadow in pursuit of Greyswandir, leaving the others behind. Joseph points out that he's the only one to have faced Osric even in a fair fight, and says they're going to get minced if they try fighting him. He proposes that Tremayne contact Corwin and say what the plan is, and suggest that Corwin be called in to do the dirty work when they get near enough to Osric. Corwin seems to think that that's a a plan; he tells Tremayne that things seem to be getting better...

Uther spends some time discussing combat strategies re Osric with one of his knights, Lancelot.

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