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A day of disconnected oddnesses.

In bed, sleeping mostly. I'm definitely not over this bug. Katherine phoned, so Jus explained that I wasn't really in a fit state to travel for the Protocol Meeting on Monday. I'd hate to infect the whole team...
Kate phoned. From what Jus said, she sounds OK. I miss talking to her, but she's got a really busy life now. I want to catch up with how she's doing, and I don't want to have to wait until Bicon.

The second unordered pizza arrived. Either someone has an address which is easily confusable with ours, or someone thinks ordering us pizza is a humorous act.

Justin's probably broken his toe. It certainly looks that way. Well, it's been immobilised, I've dosed him up on antiinflammatories, and he's resting it. Not much else can be done.

Eh, thanks to gaye_chan I've been thinking more about the anthropic principle. It's either trivial or deeply important, and I can't get my head into a stable state one way or another. Here's a link: Evidence for the Anthropic Principle. I really have to meet gaye_chan soon; I can see us having long long evening discussions in the future. How he ever could think he's stupid is beyond me. His family has plenty coming to it, is all I can think.

Hmmm. Lots of worrying about people I can't get to. I have to trust that things will work out OK.

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