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Whitby plannings...

Due to the utter loveliness of dmh, with whom I spent a pleasant few minutes chatting just now, I have a lift to Whitby.

Options, options, since Dave will be at the Calling tomorrow night.

1) Tool down to Cambridge for the Calling tomorrow. Funfun, but not really practical.

2) Tool down to Cambridge Wednesday morning for Dave to set off bright and early. Very not practical due to stupid Cov/Cambs trains.

3) Tool down to Peterborough ditto, to be picked up. Doable. If I catch the Coventry->Nuneaton->Peterborough train, it's only a shade under two hours, rather than the two and a half via Euston and King's Cross (shudder).

Therefore the plan is: depart Coventry 8:23, arrive P'boro 10:18.


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