Muddle-headed Kay (mhw) wrote,
Muddle-headed Kay

This journal has been placed in memorial status. New entries cannot be posted to it.

I'm baaack!

1) Had an absolutely great time!
2) Was the soul of moderation - as I said to mrph, "I'm looking forward to nearly a week of almost monastic abstinence, apart from the drugs, the sex and the booze..."
3) Honestly was the soul of moderation.
4) But like everyone else, I went down with the Whitby Grot, but not so badly as drivenapart, poor lamb.

This update is brief for two reasons:

1) stgpcm took advantage of my absence to Do Things to my computer, so I am now computerless until he finishes whatever it is he was doing, unless I use his, and it just doesn't feel right to my fingers.

2) youngatheart asked if I could babysit B & C this afternoon - they have the Grot, or a good approximation thereof, themselves, so I doubt I'll get anything from them or they from me.

I'll catch up with reading and stuff when I have a liveable computer again. If there's any mad-rush stuff I should know about, mail me - I'll try to keep up with that at least.

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