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Happy birthday,


Yesterday I got a bit more writing done, but not so much as I should have liked; it was one of those days where nothing kept quite to schedule, and the slippage consumed my writing time. Still, I did manage a trip to Birmingham with Dave and Tina, where I picked up enough boxer shorts and socks to last Justin (and me too, at least with the socks; the boxers are somewhat loose in the waist for me) a good while.

There's lots of Other People's Worries around IRL, even more so than online, and that's consuming time too. Not that I grudge it, not at all, but it can make scheduling anything from provisional to damn tricky.

The current Ranulf section did undergo a little inflation - I realised that there was stuff that should have been explained by now, so I took the time to be kind to my poor readers, and there should be less occasion for "Uh? what?" from people.

That means, mind you, that it's a little heavier on detail and dialogue than I should like, and thinner on action; and the worse of it is, there's another dialogue-heavy section up ahead. Oh well, it'll no doubt get better when I get round to revising, so I'll put on a Victoria Mass and get back to work.

Toodles, all.

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