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Not a lot of sleep, one way and another. Got to Browns around one for coffee and sociability with much of the Coventry mob and Catt**, who was visiting for the weekend. It was good to see her again.

Then a bimble into town with juudes, who wanted to do some photocopying at Oxfam. Of course, I had to go and look at the second-hand book shelves, so I walked away some £7 lighter and two books heavier. An 8th edition Oxford Companion to Music and Man and his Music by Harman and Mellers. Then to the new bookshop, Ottakar's, a tacky low-end-market version of Waterstone's; shan't be going there again, I don't think. And then at last to the Lush shop that's recently opened, where red henna was bought. Yes, soon I shan't be a bottle blond but a shrub[1] redhead. Neat.

Then it all went a bit grooey. Not fun, but TBH it was a good thing in the end. No matter how far along you are in a relationship, there's always stuff to learn and things to work on.

Finally I went to the mail depot to pick up a parcel that had been retained as too large to fit through our letterbox. Woohoo, Amazon! a copy of the Writers' and Artists' Yearbook 2004 from an anonymous benefactor, who wrote:

I think Ranulf deserves an even wider audience! I've heard that this is the tome to trust if you fancy trying to get it published.

Thank you, whoever you are! I'm looking forward very much to reading it.

Then home for a few hours, and then out back to town again to Habibi for misstemperance's birthday meal. As our local leisure guide writes, Habibi serves delicious Middle Eastern cuisine in authentic and atmospheric surroundings. Taking Christmas party bookings now. Throughout December, enjoy the delicious lunchtime buffet from 12-2pm. Eat as much as you like for £6.95. Open: Mon-Thur: 11am-11pm, Fri: 11am-midnight, Sat: noon-midnight, Sun: noon-11pm.

Delicious and copious. I'm stuffed!

So that's the day, really. Time for bed. G'night, all.

[1] Henna comes from the shrub Lawsonia inermis. Translated, that's "the harmless Lawsonia", which may make some of the Coventry/goth mob giggle.

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