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I really, really didn't want to have to learn this, but working directly with fragments seems to be the only way around the problem.

I've put a bug report in, anyway, so the next revision probably will have a fix in it.

Unjolly news: it's my maternal uncle's birthday today, so I did the usual phonecall to sing "Happy Birthday" at him. My beloved aunt, having struggled so long with asthma and osteoarthritis, has now been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis. My uncle's SAD is bad this year, and my cousin has been taken into hospital again today for further repair of his leg stump. *sigh* My family's not having it good right now. Any goodness you can send their way would be greatly appreciated.

I'm still mindful of all the blessings in my life, though, which is just the way that it should be.

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