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Not red, then...

but kind of a scary orange in the bleached bits. Better living through dyeing, eh?

Jus says he likes it :) but I'm thinking of giving it another go tomorrow to see if I can't deepen the colour somewhat. If I wore gothy black and white, I'd look like a pedestrian crossing marker right now. Jus, of course, being a natural redhead although having darkened with age (the head hair, at least), has come up a treat and is a lovely fiery red. *envies*

Anyway, my fur's getting a bit long, so it'll probably go under the clippers next weekend, so I'll probably have chestnutty underbits (from my natural dark brown and the henna) with golden tips.

Fragments are still being recalcitrant, but I'm being stubborn, so it's turning into a staring war between me and my favourite software.

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