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Christmas cards...

Or, actually, not. Christmas music, manufactured by yours truly.

See, there's precious little money to spare, and though I'd love to send people bits of dead tree with appropriate seasonalities printed on, the budget just won't practically stretch.

What I've done is to dig up a score for one of my favourite Christmas motets (you can think of it as a carol if you like), Sweelinck's Hodie Christus Natus Est, and made a Virtual Singer performance of it. There's also a brass arrangement that I'm working on, but that's going to take considerable tweakage...

So, if you'd like me to send you some happy seasonal music in lieu of a card, please fill in the poll, and I'll send you the MP3 file.

If you hate MP3 and want Ogg Vorbis or anything else, drop me a comment. If you'd prefer the brass arrangement because you're so utterly nonChristian that even hearing Christmas words in Latin would be icky, tell me that you'd like the brass arrangement and I'll try to have it in fair shape for sending instead.

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