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*tentative wave*

Thanks to stgpcm, the dying drive is replaced, and its contents transferred. Most (all?) of my stuff has survived the hoopla *phew*. System configuration and other sysy files are a different matter. New O/S install - libc having gone missing is a Bad Sign *nods sagely*. Due to loss of configgy pudding, network access may be intermittent a while until things are restored fully.

In personal stuff, it's been a shit week. I'm definitely not as robust as I'd thought, not just hoped, I was. Is it just me, or is being happy that your next shrink appointment is only a fortnight away not really a Good Thing? Maybe it'll cheer her up too, because I'm now not able to say "Sorry, no" any more to her favourite "Do you ever feel at all suicidal?" question, which she always seems so sad that I'm not answering "Oh yes, you bet, I've got it all planned!" to. Not that I can do that, though - I'm still only registering twitches above zero, at around the "There are odd moments when it doesn't seem entirely the least attractive option, yes" level.

This is almost certainly just a Minor Blip, though, so I don't think she needs to get her hopes up. No doubt I'll feel fine again soon enough.

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