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Well, that's good.

Just had a call from my doctor saying that if it was practical to do so, he'd prefer to give me a telephone consult, rather than my turning up later this afternoon, since it would be more convenient for him. And why not? the poor man is probably exhausted and famished by 5:50...

So that's all settled. A scrip for my citalopram and 25 microgram fentanyl patches is sitting there waiting for me to bimble up and get it filled. I have enough morphine in stock that if the fentanyl is too unpleasant or doesn't work that I can make it through for a while. 25 mikes is the smallest patch - we'll see how it goes (he's writing me a fortnight's scrip) and adjust the dosage in the light of experience.

And then a lovely phone call from Greg. He really is wonderful - even though he's having a tough time himself, he always makes me laugh. *much love to the Greg and the Heike*

Right. Time for a quick cuppa, a read through of a bit of editing I've been asked to do, and then I shall stroll up to my GP's surgery and then to the pharmacy. Toodles!

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