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Storming good Amber session tonight. Thank you, mrph! and thank you also to misstemperance for the yummy book on Tudor history!

So far so good with the patch. No adhesion problems yet, and no noticeably bad side effects. As to the strength of pain relief, well... I shouldn't expect to reach stable plasma levels for a while yet, but it's noticeable already, though not as effective so far as the little pink pills. We'll see how it goes. 25 mikes/hr may be enough, or maybe I may go up to 50.

The gaming group seems to have become a nest of Morrowind junkies, for which mrbear must bear the chiefest part of the blame. Good man, sir! go beat up on Vivec for me with your hyperbutch character!

I'm trying to prevent myself from using the LJ search tool to find Morrowind gaming communities...

And now to bed - I'm sleepy, not dopey, which is good. Perhaps continuous pain relief may be good for my sleep, which has been a bit raggy recently. Goodnight, all.

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