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Wooh. It's early days yet, but the treatment definitely seems to be doing something. Whether or not it's a good something is debatable.

I'm not quite sure why I feel different after this treatment from how I did after the previous one. I wonder if my specialist gave me some extra oomph to it, given that I told him that I didn't have prolonged relief after last year's; certainly I have four holes in my back this time, as opposed to the usual two, and the procedure was a lot more uncomfortable.

Anyway. The right leg feels OK; still got the usual sciatic stinging alternated with white-hot barbed wire, just not as intensely, which is nice; the left... um. It's gone kind of numb, in all the places that the sciatic innervates. And it's weaker. No footdrop, yet, which is a relief, but... uh, I hope it stops. I'd almost prefer to go back to my usual 'someone set my leg on fire' rather than this numbness, just because it's familiar. Maybe it's just the inflammation doing something to the nerve.

If it's not getting different by Monday, I'm going to give Mr Walker a call and see if this is an expected reaction.

On a more cheerful note, just had a long phone call with griffen. He's such a sweetie.

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