Muddle-headed Kay (mhw) wrote,
Muddle-headed Kay

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Various updates...

The fentanyl patches are doing wonderfully. I've needed morphine once this week, and it's been an active and mobile week. It's so good to wake up and not be in discomfort, let alone pain.

My mother had her right hip replacement done yesterday, and I spoke with her tonight. She's having quite a bit of postoperative pain, so she was morphine-fogged when we spoke, but she's doing fine. All being well, she'll be home again by next weekend.

There does seem to be a lot of hospitally painy stuff in my life right now. youngatheart is still in hospital and after two weeks they still don't seem to be much closer to identifying what's causing her pain. I met desp207 (Danny, her eldest) in town yesterday for lunch, and then we went to see her. My bro-in-law came out of hospital yesterday where he's been for the last week being monitored for his epilepsy to see whether he's a good candidate for brain surgery to alleviate it.

On a more fun note, an excellent lunch at Browns today with me, stgpcm, mrph, duranorak, beaupepys, cyberinsekt and lostdreamer666. Some discussion of doing the "let's all rent a house somewhere nice for a week and be hedonistic" holiday possibilities thing ensued, at which this happened:

Emily: ... though I'm not sure that I could afford it.
Me:There could be some subbing involved...
Emily: *pinkness and giggling*
Me: Er, I meant subsidising!

Oops. *grin*

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