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Mostly good news, hurrah!

1) Mum's out of hospital, and recovering very well from her hip operation.

2) youngatheart is able to walk again, if a little shakily, and still hurting, but she's now home from hospital too.

3) Didn't get to see Dr Swallow to review my meds - he's on holiday -, but saw Dr Horn instead, which is neat because he's probably my second-favourite GP at the practice. Upped my patches to 50 mikes/hr to see if that reduces my residual pain - if not, I'll go back to the 25s and mop up breakthrough pain with the morphine. In also good news, they're leaping forward into the Nineties and will be trialling a system for ordering repeat prescriptions by (gosh!) that new-fangled electric mail thing in a month or so.

4) Poor stgpcm is rushed off his feet at work and needs more than 24 hours in a day. Last night he told me miserably that he'd probably have to work through at least some of the weekend to get things done, and asked whether I'd mind awfully keeping him company. Well, *sigh* that puts a plan or two out of joint, but he's got to come first... sorry, mrph et al., but them's the breaks. If I can make time for things, I'll do so, but it's not looking promising. Otherwise I'll be at Telehouse or in Leicester or at a telephone exchange in deepest rural Northamptonshire, wherever it is that his stuff needs doing.

5) Finally sorted out the several-month idiocy between me and RW, my debt collectors, who have been insisting that I'm a month in arrears, and I (and my bank) equally vehemently insisting that I'm not. After much toing and froing, they've discovered what happened. In September my bank accidentally made TWO payments to them - I knew about that - and I thought, since they told me they'd recalled one, that they had done so. It turns out that they actually recalled BOTH, so technically I was a month behind, since effectively September's payment never happened. Hence the monthly nastygrams from RW and fruitless phone calls ever since. I've paid RW an "extra" month to shut them up. Of course, this new explanation flatly contradicts their previous explanations (some of which contradicted each other), so watch this space...

Right. I'm fried. Time for drugs, a lie down, and a nap. Maybe I'll even sleep through - I'm bone-weary enough.


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