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And so it goes...

Pretty well, actually. Nothing broken or even too severely bruised from last Thursday's stairway self-precipitation, thank goodness.

My LJ hoodie has arrived - crikey, that was prompt! - and it's very nice. Now I need to find someone with a digital camera so that griffen may have the photo for which he asked.

Good conversations over the last few days with desp207, youngatheart, imago, x_mass and much of my bloodkin. My mother and her sister still need their heads banging together, but *sigh* what can I do?

NationStates is peculiarly seductive. Oh, the discussion boards are no better than LJ - same mix of a few reasonable, and many idiot, people but it's nice to hang out with a different bunch from time to time. Oh, if any of you hang out there, I'm Tragomaschalia and Larkenseale, if you want to drop me a telegram. Maybe we could even form a region together?

Another dollop of Ranulf is coming into shape, but perplexingly it feels more like the beginning of Book 2 ("of this award-winning trilogy, comparable to Tolkien on a wet Wednesday"). Definitely it's years on from 'now'. I'm unsure whether to declare it heretical or deuterocanonical, but it's certainly provisional, in that I shan't feel at all bound by what happens in it. This may simply be to prevent me wibbling at what's happening/has happened/is implied has happened. Though I never did promise Happy Hufflepuffs, did I?

Anyway, time to get ready for tonight's Amber game. Toodles!

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