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Phones, pancakes, mistypings

The phone always seems to ring just at the crucial moment - I'm up to my nose in something, I'm about to go out, or, as tonight, I'm in the middle of cooking. Tonight's first pancake, as it happens. Not that I don't eat pancakes the rest of the year, not that Shrove Tuesday has any festal significance for me, but it is Pancake Day, after all.

And tonight I ate mine with condensed milk. Yummy. I shan't exult much, since x_mass and other dieters are avoiding carby dairy numminess, but - yummy! *hands round virtual pancakes to those who can't have and would like*

As to the mistyping - it was one of those that are savable only by dint of scrutiny, since spellcheckers locate misspellings, not nonsense. Two letters, similar in shape, adjacent on the QUERTY keyboard - two words, so different in meaning. Which is a shame, because if I'd not been careful, the world might have been treated to the Hunan Genome Project. There ought to be a gene for Hot and Spicy Chicken, damnit, and if there were I'd have it spliced into a bucket of E. coli faster than you can say "restriction enzyme".

Hungry much?

*licks paws and wipes whiskers*

Now I'll see what Kate wanted before I embark on more pancakery.

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