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It's days like this...

that I think I need to make something to cheer myself up. Not the thing, more the making, if you understand?

No, nothing specific wrong. Just very many things in general, nearly all of them nothing to do with me, but rather with people I care a lot about.

That's a thing about LJ. Because it's somewhere for people to talk about all the bad stuff as well as all the good stuff, and it's global, so you get to see all the stuff you can't do anything about other than be supportive and reassuring and cheerful as you can be from the odd thousand miles or so away, and then crawl away and wring your hands or weep in private.

Heh, and it occurs to me that I have a shrink appointment tomorrow, and why is it that somehow my miseries always get worse beforehand? Maybe I should go on an LJ holiday for a week or two before shrink visits, then I might stand a chance of at least seeming a little cheerful for him.

And I'm still getting the damned bouts of vertigo.

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