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Happy birthday,

ali_in_london and flufybumblebee!

Things are mildly chaotic right now. Alicia, Bryan and Karen's daughter, gave birth last weekend. That all went well, so we now have a Bradley as an addition to the menagerie. Then on Friday Jus got home late to tell me that earlier that evening Bry had had a bike accident as he was coming home from work. Not too terrible, but bad enough - snapped the neck of his femur; he'd been going slow, hit a patch of gravel on the road, he slowed even more, and so when he hit the road he was travelling slowly enough that the bike landed on him, rather than him being thrown clear. That introduces two complications: firstly, neither Karen nor Bry's mum Eileen are currently fit to drive, one from meds and the other from a recent hip op, so Jus was ferrying them to and fro in the car this w/e to visit him, and kidwatching today (Bry's now been moved to a hospital in Coventry, so visiting him will be easier - mrph and others who know him, if you're fancying visiting him any time, drop me mail or something?); secondly, Bry's one third of Pipemedia's network team, with Jus being another third. Given that Bry's going to be in hospital an indeterminate time, that's going to put quite a bit of extra pressure on the remaining members of the team. Given that things were quite busy enough beforehand... *sigh*

Added to that, Jus started going down with coughs and aches on Friday, and today I seem to be doing similarly :( so I'm moderately unlikely to be in James-accompanying mode tomorrow (mrph, I'll phone you tomorrow morning if I am OK, otherwise see you tomorrow evening, all being well), though I may be fit by Tuesday. I'd better be, since my meds need refreshing by then at the latest...

Ah, so it goes. Interesting times all around.

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