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Amber log.

Sorry for the delay - it's a long one, and it's been a weird week, one way and another.

The members of the House of Karm are looking rather stunned at Roderigo's toast to Osric, and they gradually disappear home. It gets late; Gerard turns up and orders mead. He apologises for his lateness, explaining that business delayed him.

Gerard asks Darius whether he might have a quiet word with him, and they step outside. He explains that the 'business' was due to an incident at the castle: a guard was assaulted and Lucien's room broken into. Darius tries to shrug it off, so Gerard hoists and drops him, then gives him a good telling off for damaging the staff. They return to the inn.

Roderigo gets asked by Gerard about the toast, and Roderigo shrugs; Gerard seems content to let the matter drop at that.

Most people then depart in coaches for the castle, leaving Roderigo and Uther. Jack and Harry head into town to make arrangements with the people that they met earlier.

Uther heads for the respectable parts of the dockyards. He sees an old man fishing from a deckchair down by the docks, and pauses to chat with him. After a desultory conversation about three hundred years of fishing, Uther wanders off. He spends time looking at warehouses.

Tremayne wakes up, confused. He's in a woodland that feels familiar. It's a gateway to another world. He knows that someone, the rest of the team, is coming. It's a flashback. He waits, and the team turns up; a woman ahead, a man behind. Troops come through the trees. Combat ensues, and then Tremayne fetches up with a thump against a wall. He's in Ventassa, so he heads for the gate. It feels as though someone's watching him, and a female voice says in his head, "Stop that. You have to follow it." The things that came through the gate are still there. He fights them; one looms at him, and he kills it and heads for the gate. He triggers the locator and throws it at the gate. He hears Kruge, and turns. Kruge is in his eighties, with intense blue eyes, and wearing powered armour. He fires missiles from his suit at Tremayne. They miss, and the ruins behind Tremayne collapse. He tries to close with Kruge, but the rubble from the walls hits him and he falls. Kruge kicks his head. Tremayne tries to grab his arm but Kruge is too fast and rakes his arm, then hammers him hard. He picks Tremayne up.

"Goodbye, Tremayne."

"Goodbye, Kruge..."

Everything goes multicoloured, then Tremayne is falling down a slope. He grabs it to slow his fall; it's made of ice. He's in a tunnel. He hears Roderick call down to him to see whether he's OK. They plan a distraction attack. There are footsteps along the passage, a humanoid in armour, which vanishes in a burst of light. There's something familiar... Tremayne carries on; another humanoid attacks him with a knife; he kills it, then falls down another slope into a central chamber full of wizardly apparatus. The occupand is a long-limbed spidery humanoid with mad staring eyes. Tremayne closes with it, pummeling, keeping the attention on himself. Everything shatters, and a female voice mutters, "Damn!" Tremayne wakes in his room in Amber. A dream... but there are fragments of melting ice and mud on the floor.

Uther walks back up the hill to the castle and falls asleep. Darius is asleep. Lucien finds three guards outside his room, with the door somewhat open. The guards explain about the intrusion. The room's been turned over quite professionally; the hipflask and the note are gone. Lucien dismisses the guard.

Joseph wakes up and eats a light breakfast, joining Lucien and Darius in the dining hall. Lucien and Darius have already chatted about yesterday evening and what Darius went off to do - Lucien has agreed to get Jack a fine bottle of whisky, and give his aid to Darius when needed, and so the matter of the hipflask and letter has been resolved. Harry has a hangover. Joseph explains that he has to go and meet Fergus. He refuses, with thanks, offers of assistance, and heads off up Kolvir towards the tombs, where he looks around at the memorials to dead members of the family of Amber. He's already seen the mausolea of Finndo and Osric. Nearby there's a large polished statue of a woman: Rilga, Queen of Amber. A memorial for Corwin. Caine's tomb, and tombs for Eric and Random. There's a tablet of black stone, showing a book held by two hands, with "Kyoshi: we shall not forget" engraved on it. A pair of graves for two people of whom Joseph has never heard: Simon and Tobias. A new, very neat tomb for Luke. One for Deirdre, one for Brand. A large gravel circle, like a Zen garden, with an eternal flame on a plinth: Oberon's memorial.

Fergus arrives. He says he wasn't sure that Joseph would be here, and Joseph replies that he gave his word. They discuss what Joseph needs to do to make reparation: he must look after the tribesman's widow and child, and their descendants to the third generation, and aid the tribe when needed. Joseph swears that he'll do this, and Fergus promises a trump to reach them with. He asks about Luke, and who killed him, and the rumours that Luke was a traitor. Joseph tells him that he's not the person to ask, not having been directly concerned, and suggests that Bleys or Coral would be the people to ask for detail, rather than rumour, which is all that Joseph could give him. Fergus also asks about Luke's concubine, but Joseph says that he knows even less about her, so Fergus Trumps out and leaves Joseph to return to the castle.

Tremayne and Uther come down for breakfast and meet Darius and Lucien. Darius orders a huge greasy fried breakfast for Jack, to be delivered to his room with a loud knock. Joseph returns and explains to Uther and anyone else who wasn't sure about the history between Fergus and him. Bleys turns up to discuss the previous evening - particularly the dead pickpocket. There's further discussion of Roderigo's toast; some of the House of Karm are making arrangements to leave Amber. Joseph asks what Amber's official view is, and Bleys says that Osric's vendetta was formal and never cancelled, but that it was personal; the House of Karm is still on reasonable terms with Amber itself.

Uther goes in search of Roderigo. He starts by asking the staff where he may be found, and they explain that Roderigo has only very recently been visiting Amber. Uther goes to find Jack, who seems very under the weather, so Uther gives him tea and a quick hangover cure spell. He tries to console Jack, but decides to leave when he hears Darius coming.

Tremayne, Lucien and Joseph go to the library to pursue their research. Joseph discovers that Rilga was Caine, Julian and Gerard's mother. There's not much about Simon and Tobias, but he eventually finds out that they were Gerard's sons, who died young. All that the librarian can add is that they died about 4-500 years ago, reportedly murdered by a woman. The librarian won't be more forthcoming than that, and says that nobody mentions them in Gerard's hearing.

Lucien tries to find out about Merlin, and discovers this: Merlin was raised in Chaos, and brokered treaties between Amber and Chaos, making a rapid rise through the order of succession in Chaos. He built the Ghostwheel, the first sentient Construct, powered by Shadows, Trump, Pattern and the Logrus - and possibly even some of Corwin's Pattern, too. It went mad, and Merlin died.

Tremayne works more on studying the Pattern. He's interrupted by the delivery of a note, telling him that there's an intruder in Amber. A similar note arrives for Darius, who tells Jack to get up and dress, and then get Harry. At this moment, Tremayne, who's come from the library, joins them.

A note arrives for Lucien and Joseph to go and see Bleys...

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