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Apology, etc.

The reason I didn't post, or turn up where I was expected, yesterday was that not only was the back playing up but I also had one of my rare daytime fits in the morning - usually they happen when I'm asleep. I was actually in bed when it hit, thinking about getting up, but I did manage to spill rather a lot of tea over myself. No great damage, but I wasn't in a fit *heh* state to do much after that. I'm fine now.

One major hurrah today: remember the wibbling I posted a few weeks ago about whether I'd made the correct decision in intervening in a matter whose precise nature I didn't go into? Well, thank goodness, from a phone call I had today it seems as though either I did the right thing, or that a good outcome was going to happen anyway. At the very least, it seems that I didn't make the situation any worse. Thanks for the support and reassurance I got from you all.

Now I'm going to have a cuppa and then think about perhaps reading something, or doing a little writing, or perhaps playing an Emperor scenario if my little grey cells feel up to it.

morph et al. - see you in Browns lunchtimeish?

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