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I know that depression by its very nature sucks, but why does it have to suck quite so much?

I'm beginning to wonder whether, when endogenous depression has gone on so long and so bloodily that it feels as though it's eaten your life, you get reactive depression on top of it in response...

Apart from that. Physically I'm in not too bad shape: the gut bug that laid me low a week or so ago has finally finished its filthy work, my pain meds are doing their job, and even visiting the dentist was pleasant enough. It's outrageous that my screwy brain is leading me to feel so pitiful - though please, please, not pitiable. It's wonky neurophysiology, that's all, not a disaster, and the only reason I mention it is in explication and possible exculpation for a recent hermitude that's really gone on quite long enough. It's not that I haven't been thinking of you all.

Be as well and as happy as you can, my dears. That's what I'm doing.

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