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Gooseberry sorbet

I don't like gooseberries, but Justin does, so, because it was so hot yesterday and I still had the remains of last year's gooseberries sitting in the freezer, I made gooseberry sorbet. Jus assures me that it's delicious.

600g gooseberries, topped and tailed
2 lemons
25g sugar
25ml water

175g sugar
300ml water

2 egg whites

Simmer the gooseberries with the juice of two lemons, 25ml water and 25g sugar until tender. Process in a blender, or rub through a sieve, until smooth. Set aside to cool.

Make a syrup by bringing 175g of sugar and 300ml of water to the boil, then set aside to cool.

Beat two egg whites until just beginning to peak.

Mix together the gooseberries and the syrup. Stir in the egg whites. If you have an ice cream maker, use that to make the sorbet. If not, transfer the mix to a sealable container and chill for an hour in the freezer. Remove, and stir briskly to distribute any ice crystals that have formed. Return to the freezer, and repeat the stir-freeze cycle every hour until the mixture is fully set.

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