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I ask myself, why is there never any nam pla when it's wanted?
And I answer myself, because you never put it on the shopping list, dimwit.

Am also hurty, meh wah, due to an accident on Saturday afternoon. I was shopping in the market, and someone had brought a dog in with them. Not a good idea, since the place gets packed. The sequence of events, so far as I can reconstruct, was:

1) Someone treads on the paw of aforementioned dog,
2) who very reasonably yelps and leaps away,
3) colliding with elderly woman in front of me,
4) who falls backward. I steady her, preventing her from falling,
5) and consequently myself fall over due to loss of balance.

Fortunately I did not land on the kilos of tomatoes which I had recently purchased.

Unfortunately I wrenched my back rather badly in so doing. Thus, since then I've been doing the rest and heat and moving as much as I can without yelping, abetted by rather substantial doses of morphine.

This also means that Mistah Brain, he dead. And consequently no further progress with the writing.

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