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Semagic is now available.

New release from!

The change log for the upgrade says:

Options for Enter to type <br> instead of <p> and to remove &nbsp;
· Music detection with iTunes without plugins (iTunes >= 4.5) (must be explicitly turned on; turn off if the client will freeze during detection).
· Autoreplace list
· Holding Shift during click on Edit last entry inserts whole entry into the main window.
· Dictionaries for spellchecker are specified only via Options.
· Fixed XP menu highlighting on 9x, birthday reminder for deleted friends, macros in dialogs.


· Wysiwyg tables (to edit its properties right click on table selected as object or add new row or column, right-click inside cell to edit cell).
· Fixed font size in wysiwyg mode.
· Macro dropdown menu.


· WYSIWYG editor
· Improved console, authentication with cookies, spellchecker.

In other words: w00t! Get it from

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