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Point and clicky thing.

Due to a fit of midsummer madness, the man and I are now the possessors of a Kodak EASYSHARE DX4530. Tolerably cheap (indeed better than tolerably, since it was to be had for quite a bit less than list price), and the reviews that I've seen seem rather favourable, apart from issues of easy lens-cap loss and hatch flimsiness.

I know that the Proper Photographer folk out there are clutching their heads and thinking "But for only £$BIGNUM more he could have got himself a half-way decent camera..." Still, it'll do for what we want, and to be honest anything much better would likely be beyond my competence, let alone my wallet.

So prepare yourselves for What We Did On Our Holidays, Nekkid Wombats, and Attack of the Red-Eyed Alexander Technique Students. You've been warned.

But now it's bath and bed time, so that I can be awake enough to phone the surgery in the morning and schedule an appointment for finding out what it is that's ailing me.

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