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So it goes, so it goes...

Couldn't sleep at all last night, which was sucky. In the process of saying goodbye to my OpenDiary, since it's metamorphosed into FreeOpenDiary (ie, we're the scum who don't feel like shelling out 20 bucks every six months for an OpenDiary+), and their service is exceedingly sucky. And more of my friends are here, and I prefer (mostly) the way that LJ works. I'll keep my OD active, maybe; there's still people there (oribeth, for one) whose ODs I like reading.

So I stayed up. Drank lots of coffee, staying awake until noon, which was when gaye_chan and I had agreed to try out audio comms on AIM, since his phone is out of juice. Heh, it was funny! I could hear myself - but delayed by about a second - but not him unless he shouted. I felt rather like Alexander Graham Bell making that first telephone call. Still, it was great to actually hear his voice, if only a little bit.

Should have gone to bed after that, but still had too much coffee buzz and general happiness to be able to relax, so I did a little more sequencing. Come about three, I thought I'd take some meds and lie down a while. I have vague memories of Jus coming in about six and dashing out again - he was going to one of his company's "team building" things. In other words, a night out with the lads having a company-subsidised curry.

Didn't actually wake up until about 10, when Jus got back and tried to get into bed without waking me. Checked he'd taken his meds, forgot to make sure he'd done his blood, forgot to ask him about whether he knew the location of the Bicon 'phone - I wasn't properly awake, and he was nearly asleep, what with the long day and his cold, poor scrap.

So I'm awake, weary, achey (probably getting his cold), hungry, thirsty, and what do I do? get a bath, have 'breakfast', look after myself? Nah. I do LJ. Don't I have enough addictions already?

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