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Mmmmmm, rain...

I was half-way to the shop when the sky cracked with the magnesium flare of summer lightning. Not waiting even for the laggard thunder rumble, an exponential fusillade of stinging drops torrented down, rendering any thought of shelter futile. For a minute at most the rain fell, trampolining from the awnings of shop doorways and dancing shin-high over the slicked roads, and then it ceased abruptly, as though a stopcock had been turned, leaving relic rivulets chuckling in the gutters.

So I thought I'd give you a rain poem I wrote a few years back, in a rather different mood. A few of you may have read it already; I hope the rest of you enjoy it too.

watching the rain

come down rain gentle dissolver
of fixity perisher of permanencies
come down rain wash me wash me
and purge away my iniquity

for you fall and fall and rise again
dispensing absolution indifferently
come down come down rain cleanse me
and i shall be featureless once more

nothing lasts you sing your streamlets
chasing and twining i am all the rivers
into which you can't step twice
your voice is silent mute beyond glass

rain you sing of absence entropies
past glories histories all the same
when you have licked them clean away
come rain we can't go home again

implacable the rain descends cool drops
leaching grime and punishment alike
rain neutral spirit uncomforter come
kiss me come kiss me blanker than snow

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