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Hm. Survey time.

Shamelessly stolen from mattp. *smooch*, Matt!

Do you like to:

Give hugs?: Very much so. Mister Tactile, me.
Give back rubs?: Yep. I'm good at them.
Take walks in the rain?: If it's not stinging cold rain, yes.
You ever have that falling dream?: Ah, sleep myoclonus dreams? Yes.
What is on the walls of your room?: Wallpaper.
When you chew gum, what kind?: I rarely do, but when I do, it has to NOT be a sugarfree one.
Do you use chap stick?: If I have sore lips, yes.

In the last year have/did you...

Drink?: Very infrequently. I think I last had any appreciable quantity of alcohol was at Piglet's Party in October.
Smoke?: Yes.
Drugs?: Only prescribed ones. I pretty much live on morphine and ibuprofen.
Go on a date?: FSVO "date", yes.
Go to the mall?: Not a mall, as such.
Eaten an entire box of Oreos?: Yes.
Eaten sushi?: Nope.
Been on stage?: Nope.
Been dumped?: Debatable. More, I think, an untwining of hearts.
Watched The Smurfs?: No.
Climbed a mountain?: Alas. I can't even manage moderate hills any more *cry*. I do miss walking and hiking, though I've never done the rock-climbing kind of mountaineering.
Made homemade cookies?: Oh yes! how can one visit bitty and not make cookies?
Been in love?: *grin* Still am. And some of you even know who you are :)

More stuff.

Are you popular?: Surprisingly, yes.
Are you pretty?: I settle for being witty and bright.
What is your favorite word to say: "Yes".
What is your favorite phrase: "Well, I think that rather depends on what you mean by..."
What song are you listening to?: None, at the moment.
What are you wearing?: SunSoft Oracle T-shirt, bottle-green underpants, navy cords, navy furry socks.


Cold or hot?: Cool.
Lace or satin?: Satin.
Blue or Red?: To seek the Holy Grail... *aaargh*.
New or old?: Old.
Rain or snow?: Rain.
Give or receive?: Give.
Wool or cotton?: Wool.
Rose or Daisy?: Rose.
Private school or public school?: Both.
Chocolate milk or plain milk?: Plain.
Celsius or Fahrenheit?: Absolute.
Spring or Fall?: Fall.
Now or then?: Both.
English or Math?: Both.
Bath or shower?: Both.
Bedtime phrase: Here come the leaves!
Self-stick or lick?: Lick.
Cursive or print?: Cursive.
Do you like surprises?: Pleasant ones, yes.
Paranoid or Cautious?: Cautious.
Heights or Crowds?: Neither, please.
Half-full or half-empty?: Half full.
Top or bottom?: Switch :)
Do you/Would you dye your hair?: Now and again.
Speeding or running red lights?: I don't drive.
Gold or silver?: Copper, but if I must, silver.
Bad habits?: Asperity.
Piercing?: One, right ear.
Erogenous Zone(s)?: Neck, ears, spine, lips, belly.
"Maybe" or "Mebbe?": Perhaps.
What do you wish you'd done?: More.
Fetish?: None I think of as such.
Do you have one of THOSE voices?: Yes, apparently.
Neurotic or psychotic?: *shrug*.
Do you talk to yourself?: It's often the sanest conversation I can get.

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