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gimpysex - a plug!

What a bloody splendid idea! I know enough of you have physical or mental difficulties or are involved with people who have them that this would be a damn good community for you to join and contribute to. As the community text says, it's queer / poly / etc. friendly, so go for it!

And thank you, mactavish, for pointing me there.

This is GimpySex - there were plenty of sex communities on LiveJournal, and several disability communities, but this is where the two cross. This is for the posting and discussion of anything related to sexuality and disability. Examples of appropriate topics would include sexual positions, arousal, masturbation techniques, sex toys, physical issues related to disability, dating, and most anything else that connects in some way with the topic. All are welcome here regardless of abilities, viewpoints, sexual orientations, and genders. The only rule is to respect others... disagreement is fine, but do so in a respectful manner.

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