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Feeling quite a bit better today,

which is a relief. Sufficiently good, in fact, that I managed to cope with going to the library and a little shopping - of course, Jus drove us there and back, because I doubt that I could have coped with a bus.

I have not been idle, mind you; I distracted myself from the pain by doing some more sequencing, and, if all goes well, I shall probably have finished Thomas Weelkes' Evening Service for five voices sometime tomorrow. The Magnificat's done, and I'm half-way through the Nunc Dimittis, which is adorable and sets "To be a light..." to what I could only describe as a four-part gymel[1], if such a beast existed.

Ah well, you'll hear it soon enough, if you like. The Usual Suspects will be getting it anyway; anyone else want to join the list, let me know with a mail address that'll accept MP3s of ten megabytes or less.

[1] Gymel, which I note with horror Wikipedia has no entry for, is a mediaeval compositional technique, otherwise known as cantus gemellus, or 'twin song', in which a melody is shared between two voices of the same compass, usually doubling at the third (in England, at least; other countries favoured doubling at the fourth or fifth), often with phrasal exchanges.

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