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What a fun day!

Worked until $early_hour, halfbrewed a VtM character, then fell asleep. Woke up lunchtimeish, bimbled over to the game, still finishing off the character in my head. Merriment ensued, directed by mrbear, and aided and abetted by the_g_man (who is yet another of the people who leaves me thinking "Why haven't I known this splendid person for years?"), jambon_gris, jorune and lostdreamer666. Ah, I'd never realised how much fun playing a Malkavian can be, if you've got a good GM and players to bounce lunacy off.

Oh no, the chickens have shown up in my aura!

Tim, I can't connect to the site that I found the sheets on, but here's the official site.

Now to prep Justin's lunch for tomorrow, avoid splurge-reading both the Jasper Fforde (I'm beginning to agree with juudes that it ought to be 'fforde') paperbacks that Tim lent me, and get plenty of sleep before the Big Day of Babysitting and then Amber in the evening.

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