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Yesterday was very Not Good. Bad attack of the opiate side-effects; spent most of the afternoon gutcramping and rocket-spewing neat stomach acid while lying naked on the bathroom floor, fading in and out of unconsciousness. I'm quite proud of myself in that even in extremis I'm careful to make sure I'm always in the recovery position in case I pass out. Wouldn't want to breathe that stuff in, nuh-oh.

How come I always seem to time it so that Jus is out of the house when this kind of stuff kicks in?

So I crawled back to bed and tried to sleep it off - which meant that when roosterbear called I was asleep, so Jus didn't wake me, so I didn't get to talk with him. At least he's (relatively) OK, so I can worry less.

I still feel pretty grim, but I have scads of work to do, so I MUST try to stay conscious and functioning.

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