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Passing arguments to Helper Applications in Mozilla/Netscape? Help!

I hope this isn't a Really Stupid Question - I've looked everywhere that I could think of to find an answer, but so far no luck.

The situation's this: I have a visualisation app that runs on Windows. It accepts data files in various formats, and renders them in a window. The difficulty that I have is that the app doesn't do the sensible thing and decide which type of data file one's presenting it with by inspecting the file extension - what one must do is invoke it with a type argument followed by the name of the file.

So, schematically:
application -foo for 'foo' format data;
application -bar for 'bar' format data;
and so on.

How do I make Helper Applications entries to deal with this? There seems to be no way, so far as I can see, to pass arguments to an app via the Open it with: field, which seemed to me to be the obvious way to deal with the problem.

Any help very gratefully received!

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