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And happy birthdays

to faerierhona and the_maenad!

The Coventry LUSH shop is having its first birthday today, so youngatheart and I are probably going to go and see what they've got on special after we've had lunch. I hope there's some good new stuff, because they haven't brought out anything that particularly excited me recently.

I'm still taking more morphine than I want to right now, but there wasn't going to be any way that I'd get through what my back's been giving me this week without it. I really don't think that privatised medicine is at all a good thing; certainly not in the UK, where so often it seems to exploit and leech off the state medical infrastructure, but I have to admit that I'm torn - if I had the money to afford the operation right now, would I be able to forgive myself for queue-jumping?

And no, I don't want to be a hypocrite here - I admit that I did pay for one consultation (useless as it was) with my first spinal guy, but that was only so that I could get onto his list for an MRI rather than waiting another two years for an initial informed diagnosis. Apart from that, the only things that I got out of that consultation were a quick overview of spinal anatomy (which I already knew) and a lesson in the Law of the Excluded Middle ("You see, Mr Dekker, these things either get better on their own... or they don't."). Not that much for £80, really.

It's not even as though I can be sure that this operation would actually fix everything: all that it can do is to turn off my sciatic nerves. If that isn't actually what the problem is (though it does seem likely), then it'll be yet another failed treatment in a growing line of them, and I'll be back to waiting again.

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