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Gacked from angelofthenorth

When you see this, post a bit of poetry in your journal.
A secret loue or two I must confesse
I kindly welcome for change in close playing,
Yet my deare husband I loue ne'erthelesse,
His desires, whole or halfe, quickly allaying,
At all times ready to offer redresse :
His owne he neuer wants but hath it duely,
Yet twits me I keepe not touch with him truly.

The more a spring is drawne the more it flowes,
No Lampe lesse light retaines by lightning others :
Is hee a looser his losse that nere knowes ?
Or is he wealthy that wast treasure smothers ?
My churl vowes no man shall sent his sweet Rose,
His owne enough and more I giue him duely,
Yet still he twits mee I keepe not touch truly.

Wise Archers beare more than one shaft to field,
The Venturer loads not with one ware his shipping ;
Should Warriers learn but one weapon to wielde,
Or thriue faire plants e'er the worse for the slipping ?
One dish cloyes, many fresh appetite yeeld :
Mine own Ile vse, and his he shall haue duely,
Iudge then what debter can keepe touch more truly.

("A Secret Love" by Thomas Campion (1567-1620).)

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