Muddle-headed Kay (mhw) wrote,
Muddle-headed Kay

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No, not a variant of "Googlewhack", just an exclamation of frustration. It's roleplaying night tonight, and Jus still isn't home to get me there. He's left his moby at home, and nobody's answering at the main desk, so possibly he's on his way home.

I'm thoroughly enjoying eating half a cherimoya. There's a stall opened up recently in the market that sells not-usually-available fruit, so I've been regaling myself with cherimoyas and fresh dates. Jus doesn't like fresh dates - he says they make his mouth pucker up. Odd, because all I can taste is the crispness and the lovely honeyish juices.

They sell all kinds of other lovelies, including rambutans and (occasionally) durians. A bit of me feels naughty about the environmental costs of importing things like these, but it's hard to feel properly guilty when things are so delicious.

ETA: He's back! I'd best get my shoes on.

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