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It's been a floppy couple of days,

hence the radio silence. Not so much the pain, nor even the depression, just a great utter lack of energy - you know, one of those times when you really have to work at it to crank open an eyelid?

Much to do, much to do, and still not really enough get-up-and-go to do much about it. Still, I'm up and out of bed and dressed, and so things can't be so bad. I'll probably be bouncing around with frustration by tomorrow :)

Happy birthdays are in order for a bunch of people: slashkilter, whose birthday is today; rustycoon, yesterday; and jiggery_pokery, Friday. See what happens when you don't log in for a couple of days? People get born, that's what.

*yawns and stretches, Bagpuss-like*

Time for tea, hey ho.

ETA: *giggle* I know that slashkilter is the T00b Formerly Known As dinahrae! Just didn't express myself very well, that's all... too much blood in the teastream still, evidently :D

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